Magnet Schools: What's the Attraction?

Curious about whether a magnet school’s right for your kid? Learn five facts about magnet programs.

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1. Magnet Schools Are More Specialized Than Traditional Public Schools

A magnet school is a public school that may offer specialized instruction in the arts, sciences and career education. This type of school brings together academically gifted students or students with a shared interest.

2. These Programs Have a Magnetic Appeal

Magnet programs and schools are designed to give students a chance to choose an educational option that’s attractive to them. Students can study something that they would not otherwise be able to in a traditional school setting.

3. Magnet Programs Are More Likely to Have Greater Monetary Resources

Magnet schools provide students with all the instructional and support services they’ll need in order to achieve the school’s declared purpose.

4. Magnet Programs Help Districts Achieve Balance

Magnet schools can draw suburban students into urban areas in order to diversify the student population. They can also help districts balance out overcrowded classrooms.

5. Some Programs Have Admission Requirements

If your family’s considering a magnet school, ask the district whether your child will need to pass an admission test or audition in order to get into the program. Some schools (such as magnet schools that focus on the military or career preparation) may hold a lottery for admission spots.

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