So Fab! 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Own Jewelry

Before you buy your child any expensive jewelry to wear at school, let her try it out with these homemade treasures!

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Make Bright, Beaded Mug Rings!

Invite your kid to decorate your family's ordinary coffee mugs with brightly colored beaded rings!
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Beaded Hair Ties

Hair ties don't have to be plain old elastic circles. Your child can decorate her hair with beaded hair bands that add flair to her hair!
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Homemade Earrings

These sparkling earrings look fancy but they're super simple to make using inexpensive craft items.
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Make Decorative Felt Pinwheels

All it takes is some colored felt fabric, a needle, thread, and a few beads and your daughter can make decorative felt pinwheels!
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Bottle Cap Jewelry

This bottle cap jewelry project is a fun way to add personal style to your pre-teen's wardrobe without breaking the bank or battling mall crowds.
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Bead Pens

Dress up a plain old pen with this pretty craft that's great for back-to-school time.
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Feather Pin

Make this fluffy, fun feather pin as a unique fashion statement or a trendy gift for a lucky recipient.
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