Map Fun for Preschoolers

Introduce your child to maps and directions with these colorful worksheets. Have your child read the directions (or read for her) to get to your destination.

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Treasure Map

Has your kid ever tried working with a map? Use this worksheet to give your kid a fun start with maps.
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Playground Map

Here's a worksheet for a rainy day. Can't go to the park? Settle for a park map. Follow the directions and help your preschooler develop some early math skills.
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Neighborhood Map

Give your preschooler an introduction to maps with basic scenarios like walking to school or mailing a letter.
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House Map

If you were a house cat, this would be a map of the world, but it's really just a map of a house. Read the instructions to your child and watch him map a route.
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Classroom Map

Does your preschooler love maps? No, not apps...maps! They're kind of important, so start your little one off with some fun worksheets to introduce her to them.
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Fire Drill Map

Schools and other buildings have exit routes for emergencies. Your preschooler will read the instructions and draw the exit route on the diagrams.
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Haunted House Map

Follow directions to find a key and escape a spooky haunted house.
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