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See what our Pinterest users love! Here is a roundup of our top 10 most pinnable crafts and art projects from the activities section of Try them out, and share with your friends and family.

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Make an Oil Sun Catcher

Make an eye catching sun catcher with your child that not only brightens any window but also builds his fine motor skills and creativity.
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Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer!

Create your very own scented hand sanitizer that will help your child to keep those nasty germs at bay!
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How to Grow an Avocado Plant

Learn how to grow an avocado plant indoors with your 1st grader in this hands-on gardening activity.
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Practice Paint Sample Storytelling

In this cooler-than-average writing activity, your child uses paint chips and words to write a story!
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Make Colorful Crystals from Coal

In this activity, your kid will watch coal turn into crystals right before her very eyes, and learn some science along the way!
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Create an Ocean in a Bottle

Kids are sure to be entranced by the magic of the ocean when they create their very own ocean in a bottle.
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Oobleck Science: Solid or Liquid?

Is it solid or liquid? Create oobleck and witness the amazingly weird oscillation between the two!
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Make Homemade Fingerpaint

Why spend money on fingerpaint when you can make your own? With this recipe, you can stew up your kid's favorite colors right in your kitchen.
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Balloon Air Pressure Magic

Get your sense of humor ready for this fun science experiment that demonstrates the fundamental physics of air pressure.
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Magic Jar Alphabet Game

This homemade alphabet game will keep your kindergartener on his toes and help him practice letter, numbers, and taking turns. The whole family can participate!
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