Power of the Sun

As far as ideas for heliocentric activities go, this collection features all and sundry. Your kid will be inspired to make crafty creations, brew delicious sun tea, and even try out some outdoor games and experiments that will round out any sunny afternoon plan just perfectly. When you're through, your kid might even lament: Please don't take my sunshine away! Even though the sun is millions of miles away, it sure has an incredible impact.

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How to Make Sun Tea

Take advantage of the summer sun to make you and your child a delightfully refreshing treat--sun tea!
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Create a Mexican Inspired Yarn Picture

Celebrate Mexican heritage and inspire creativity in your budding artist with this unique arts and crafts activity.
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Tour the Planets

This interdisciplinary card game will have your third grader working on math facts as he travels through the solar system!
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Make an Aztec Sundial

Follow these easy instructions to make a working sundial with your kid! Find out what other cool things the Aztecs created in this activity.
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Sunscreen Experiment

When you see those sunscreen "protection levels," what does that really mean? Try this experiment to find out.
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Suncatcher Craft

Reuse and recycle your CDs by having your kid turn them into colorful, eye-popping suncatchers.
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Horseshoes Game

Horseshoes makes a perfect family activity for a summer afternoon. With a bit of cardboard and handful of pennies, you can create your own set!
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Make Your Own Cloud!

Clouds are formed when warm and cold air meet. Here's a way for kids to see it all up close!
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