5 Principles of the Montessori Method

Find out how this approach supports the natural development of kids in a well-prepared environment.

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1. Children Are Shown Respect

Respect is the foundation of the Montessori Method. Teachers instill respect and kindness in children by showing it to each child.

2. Kids Have Absorbent Minds

The young mind is ready and eager to learn. Children learn from their environments, and they are always absorbing new information.

3. Sensitive Periods Are Critical For Learning

Montessori believed children can more easily learn certain information during sensitive periods of heightened learning. Teachers watch for these sensitive periods to make sure children are provided resources and opportunities for optimal learning.

4. Kids Learn Best in a Prepared Environment

This method believes that children learn best in an environment equipped with resources and opportunities to actively learn and freely explore. A prepared environment gives children the independence to choose their own learning and try things for themselves. Teachers can prepare the best environment for children by: Observing children. Making sure a variety of materials are provided. Organizing resources so children can easily find them.

5. Kids Can Teach Themselves Through Autoeducation

Autoeducation means that children are able to teach themselves through active exploration. Teachers can encourage children to learn and explore by: Introducing them to new materials in the prepared environment. Encouraging exploration.

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