6 Projects From Around the World

Celebrate cultures other than your own with these fun activities.

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Hawaiian Craft

Add a little island flavor to your next lazy afternoon with a Hawaiian arts and craft project!
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Practice Eating Sunomono with Kid-Friendly Chopsticks

Make sunomono, a simple Japanese cucumber vinegar salad, and kid-friendly chopsticks in this fun kindergarten activity.
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Decorate a Blarney Stone Paperweight

Celebrate Irish history and culture this St. Patrick's Day by making a miniature version of the Blarney Stone!
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Decorate an Old-West Vest

Have your little cowpoke design and decorate a vest that's perfect for combating the elements on the harsh Western plains.
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Perform a Mexican Hat Freeze Dance

If you're throwing a party this Cinco de Mayo, be sure to include the Mexican Hat Dance!
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Agua Fresca

Teach your kindergartener a little about Mexican culture by giving him a festive, no-cook lesson in how to make "aguas frescas," or seasonal fruit drinks.
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