Punctuation Games to Play with Kids

Make a game out of punctuation practice! We've found ways to make learning punctuation a fun experience kids and parents can share together.

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Gotcha! A Punctuation Readaloud Game

Let your child catch you making deliberate errors in this silly game that promotes serious learning about punctuation.
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Make an Apostrophe Collage

Here's a creative and engaging activity to get your child on track with that pesky little line.
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Terminal Punctuation

Give your emerging writer a better feel for terminal punctuation with this activity that will have her mix up punctuation marks in a favorite childhood book.
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Play Punctuation Red Light, Green Light

With nothing more than a flat open space and some lively kids, you can reinforce key concepts of punctuation while having lots of healthy laughs.
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Apply Yourself! How to Fill Out Forms

Filling out forms can be a great learning experience for kids. Here's how to give your child some FORMal training.
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Outer Space Story

Help your kid get a handle on punctuation by challenging her to create a story that's truly out of this world.
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Punctuate with Pasta!

Here's a fun activity that will help your child become familiar with both punctuation marks...by using pasta shapes!
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Essay Editing 101

"CUPS" is a useful tool when helping your student edit a writing piece. Plus, it's an activity you can do together!
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