Read and React: Reading Comprehension

Your fourth grader will not only get tons of reading comprehension practice from these worksheets, but he'll also get to react to the stories, answering questions or finishing the stories himself.

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Rochelle's Birthday Surprise

Little brothers and sisters can be annoying sometimes, but that's never an excuse to waste a perfectly good cupcake.
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The Elephant's Child: Reading Comprehension

Enjoy Rudyard Kipling's delightful story, "The Elephant's Child", complete with a word search and reading comprehension questions about the story!
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Reading Comprehension: The Kitten

Here's a worksheet that's great for improving reading comprehension skills. Kids read a simple story about a girl and her kitten then answer the question below.
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Finish the Story: The Kitten

Here is a great story-starter for more advanced writers. Your student will put his creativity to the test by filling in the blanks to this story!
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Complete the Story: Baseball Tryouts

Get your little storyteller in gear for creative writing! This story starter worksheet is perfect for honing your child's writing skills.
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Reading Comprehension: Dr. Dolittle

Young readers can build their comprehension skills as they read this passage from a children's classic, "The Story of Dr. Dolittle."
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Complete the Mystery

Boost reading comprehension skills with this language arts worksheet. Kids read the story, then use clues from the story to write their own conclusion below.
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History of Motown

Your child will learn about the history of music and the history of segregation in America with this Motown worksheet.
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Super Story Retelling

Story retelling is a wonderful exercise in comprehension and vocabulary use.
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Story Sequencing: Selena's Bicycle

This sequencing worksheet gets kids to put a story together in chronological order. Use this sequencing worksheet to help tell the story of a girl and her bike.
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Paraphrasing Practice

Paraphrasing is all about summing up a lengthy text, and it can be a great way to help your child hone reading comprehension skills.
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Fourth Grade Reading Practice: Complete the Mystery

This reading worksheet's a good way for 4th graders to boost vocabulary and spelling, and a great tool to get in shape for standardized testing.
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Finish the Story: The Forest

Your student must put her creative writing skills to the test to complete the parts of the story that are missing.
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Complete the Story: Marnie's Muffins

Does your child need a head start in creative writing? Give her this story starter worksheet, and she'll help Marnie figure out how to bake her muffins!
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Finish the Story

Read the introduction and conclusion of this story starter, and use his own creativity to finish the story about Fiona's fury.
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