8 Reasons Kids Bully

Learn what influences might be playing a role in a bully's behavior.

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1. Uninvolved Parents

Children who bully may not be receiving love and warmth from their families. These children also may not have rules at home.

2. Aggression in the Family

Aggressive behaviors can be learned when children are beat up by older siblings or when they are physically punished by parents.

3. Peers Who Bully

Children can learn bullying from their peers. Children often bully to make themselves feel more important, and victims of bullying often become bullies.

4. Friends of a Feather

Children who tend to bully make friends with other children who bully. Consequently, these children support each others bullying behaviors.

5. Lack of School Rules

Bullying is more likely to happen when schools do not have anti-bullying policies or when school rules are not enforced.

6. Poor Supervision in Schools

Bullying can happen more easily when there is poor supervision in the classroom, hallways, cafeteria, or at recess.

7. Social Aggression

Girls more often bully each other emotionally rather than physically hurting each other. Girls often do this to gain attention or make themselves feel better.

8. Media Models

Television, movies, and video games often have aggression and bullying behavior. Experiencing bullying in the media can reinforce children who bully.

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