Science in Action: 8 Fun Activites

Watch science play out in front of your very eyes with these activities.

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Learn Where Wind Comes From

Does your child always demand to know why the sky is blue, how the sun moves across the sky, or where wind comes from?
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Puddle Science: Watch Evaporation in Action

Help your child understand the scientific concept of evaporation with this fun outdoor science activity.
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Float My Clay Boat

Make water and clay play a little more scientific with this hands-on experiment that teaches displacement and shows how an object's shape affects its buoyancy.
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Make a Moss Garden Terrarium

Learn about nature by making your own mini moss garden.
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Homemade Rain Gauge

Slip some science into storm watching with a homemade rain gauge!
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Chart the Phases of the Moon with Marshmallows

Help your second grader observe the phases of the moon, and then let the fun loose: he'll get to chart his observations with marshmallows!
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Backyard Field Guide

Combine your child's natural curiosity with his developing classification and writing skills by helping him create a backyard field guide.
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Make Your Own Rainbow

You don't need to wait for rain to see a rainbow. Make one yourself, and teach your child about light and weather in the process.
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