Know Yourself: 8 Activities That Show Your Personality

Let your child's personality shine while he practices social skills and has plenty of fun with art and games.

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Make a Preschool Yearbook

Kids love to hear about themselves. And reading about themselves is even better! This personal yearbook will let them record all their important facts.
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Make Popsicle Puppets...and Practice Communication

Puppets can help preschoolers practice communication and conflict resolution.
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Peanut Game

In this game, your child and his friends will need to use their observational skills as they try to figure out who's got the peanut!
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Practice Storytelling with a Plot Potluck!

This activity will give pre-readers practice building a story. And it's silly fun, too!
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Bake Aggression Cookies: Playdough Cookies Kids Can Pound!

It can feel good to hit something when you're mad. The more your child pounds, squeezes, and mashes this dough, the better these play dough cookies will taste!
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Play the Card Challenge Game!

Tell your child you want to work on kindergarten readiness skills and she's not likely to jump up and clap. But turn it into a game and it's a different story.
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Make a Name Puzzle

Help your child understand that letters, put in a certain order, make words. In this fun activity she'll get to make her own puzzle, and practice letters, too!
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Reward Good Behavior with a Crown

Craft a glamorous crown that your preschooler can wear when he demonstrates good behavior!
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