Spy Science! 7 Exciting Crafts for Young Detectives

Every little sleuth needs solid knowledge to help her solve mysteries. Give your child a hefty dose of spy science with this collection of crafts that will teach her critical detective skills, including how to dust for fingerprints, keep her eyes open for clues, examine footprints and more!

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Make a CSI Kit

Household items and a bit of imagination will create a CSI kit for your child to have investigative adventures with. Explore the world of forensic science!
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Make a Keyhole Spy Glass

Combine the science of physics with the fun of playing spy. Your young detective can make his own tiny looking glass. It's simple to make!
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Spy Sunglasses

Outfit a pair of dark sunglasses with sneaky mirrors for eyes in the back of your head.
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Make Footwear Impressions - CSI Style!

Take a look at forensic science with your child. She'll learn how to take a shoe impression, just like the detectives do!
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Make a Handwriting Analysis!

Hone your child's skills of observation and take a look at forensic science for an interesting afternoon of exploration and detective work!
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Play Forensic Flashlight Tricks

Learn to solve a crime scene investigation using an important forensics tool: oblique lighting.
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Skin Science!

How sensitive is your skin? Here's a fourth grade science experiment that lets your child figure it out.
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