These letters activities and worksheets are a great way to keep your child learning over the summer! Help your little one strengthen his alphabet skills while staying engaged through kinesthetic games and fun letter-focused worksheets and crafts.

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Rock the Alphabet

Collect 26 rocks and paint each one with a letter of the alphabet for your very own alphabet rock collection.
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Find the Letter S: Sally Sells Seashells

How many S's does Sally have in her seashell tongue twister? Kids find and count each letter S in the silly poem on this kindergarten reading worksheet.
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Color by Letter

Instead of color by number, try color by letter! Kids assign a color to each letter, then color the shapes to find the hidden airplane.
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Practice Stick Writing

Help your child create a written message and practice their letters using sticks they find in nature. Here's how to get started.
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Color by Letter: Capital and Lowercase W

This color by letter kindergarten reading worksheet features capital and lowercase W. Kids use a key to color the page and reveal a hidden whale picture.
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Dinosaur Alphabet

D is for dinosaur! These dinosaur alphabet flashcards are perfect for getting little ones excited about learning their ABCs.
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Play Letter Games

Help your child learn about letters with online games that get your child to strengthen early reading skills while having fun! Brainzy, our imaginative math and reading games for young learners, helps kids practice key reading skills with delightful characters, catchy songs, and original stories. Try it free.

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Hidden Submarine

Test your child's alphabet knowledge with this fun color by number worksheet, featuring an ocean submarine.
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Get Ready for Reading: All About the Letter S

She, saw, sun ... No, it's not a tongue twister, it's a preschool worksheet all about the letter "S."
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Exercise the Alphabet Outside

Kindergarteners are expected to master the alphabet. Get your child outside and exercising with this fun, move and shake alphabet game.
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Alphabet Learning: Follow the A to Z Path

Race to the finish line by connecting letters A to Z. This fun maze is a great way to reinforce your preschooler's alphabet learning.
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