10 Spectacular Sight Word Activities

Help your kids build their reading and writing skills with these fun sight word games and worksheets!

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Learn Sight Words with a Water Game!

Try this fun outdoor game to improve your first grader's reading skills. This activity is perfect for summer!
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Learning Sight Words

All will be well with your child's recognition of sight words when she completes this page on the word "all"!
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Bean Bag Challenges

These bean bag games are a fun and inexpensive way to keep your first grader learning! Work on social skills, coordination, math, or even spelling!
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Sight Words Bingo

What better way to help your kindergartener learn sight words that with a fun round of Sight Words Bingo? Download our printable game boards and pieces to play!
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Color by Sight Words Printable

Color by sight words to reveal a beautiful image! Kids will love using the color key to guide them in coloring.
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Practice Reading with a Word Hunt

Practice reading with this fun game, where your first grader will "hunt" for hidden words around the house.
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Play Sight Word Games

Help your child become a spectacular sight word reader with online games that encourage fun practice at home! Brainzy, our imaginative math and reading games for young learners, helps kids practice key reading skills with delightful characters, catchy songs, and original stories. Try it free.

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'ad' Word Family Maze

Don't be puzzled by sight words! Work your way through this maze to learn some new words and rhymes.
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Writing Sight Words

Little writers, get your pencils ready! It's time to learn some sight words. Say each word aloud with your child before he writes it.
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Made Up Words

Perhaps the first task in learning sight words is learning that they're words at all. Pick out the 1st grade sight words from the made up words.
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Go Sight Word 'Island Hopping'!

All you need is chalk and pavement to set up this silly, fun, and practical game that reinforces important first grade vocabulary.
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