Sunny Days

Here comes the sun! Bask in this array of sunny activities that will keep little hands and minds occupied during even the longest of summer days. From creating your own stained glass design to planting a vegetable garden that will flourish with a little water and a lot of solar power, these ideas for sun-filled fun will fire up your kid's desire to learn more about the fascinating center of our solar system.

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Get Colorful with a Stained Glass Drawing!

Do this fun art project to brighten up your home with an easy-to-make stained glass window drawing!
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Growing Garden Pictograph

Try this fun garden graphing project with your kindergartener this summer to give him a leg up in math and science while spending some valuable time outdoors!
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Draw Shadow Art

Develop your kindergartener's fine motor skills while tracing shadows on a sunny day with this fun kindergarten activity.
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Paint a Morning, Noon, and Night Triptych

This arts and crafts activity explores triptych painting while encouraging your preschooler to increase critical sequencing and early literacy skills.
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Plant a Fail-Safe Veggie Garden

Develop your child's green thumb with this easy planting activity. These plants are guaranteed to grow fast and are "brown-thumb" proofed!
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