Teaching Tall Tales

Tall tales are exaggerated stories of real-life events. They take the ordinary and over time and retelling make it fantastic! Teach your kid about the tales that populate this playful subgenre as well as how to weave a yarn of their own with these writing and reading comprehension worksheets.

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What is a Tall Tale?

Get to know some of the most famous larger-than-life characters from our traditional oral folklore with this tall tales worksheet!
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Paul Bunyan

Can your child tell fact from fiction? Boost reading comprehension with this story sheet featuring a famous tall tale character: Paul Bunyan!
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John Henry Tall Tale

Meet the legendary John Henry, a famous character from a classic tall tale! Learn the difference between fact and fiction with this fun reading sheet.
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Johnny Appleseed Story

Is the tale of Johnny Appleseed fact or fiction? Perhaps it's a bit of both! Introduce your child to a famous figure from a classic tall tale.
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Captain Stormalong

Meet the mythical Captain Stormalong, a sturdy sailor who's said to have conquered the high seas.
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Pecos Bill!

Rootin' tootin' cowboys, gather 'round to hear the legendary story of Pecos Bill! Read this tale with your child, and see if he can tell fact from fiction.
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Tall Tales for Kids

Who is your favorite larger-than-life character? Help your young reader understand story structure with this tall tales activity.
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Tell a Tall Tale

Exaggeration in storytelling is no big secret. Help your child write a story about himself with this exercise in telling tall tales.
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