8 Awesome Activities for Young Readers and Writers

Try some of these activities to get your third grader excited about reading and writing.

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Step Inside the Story!

Let your child step into the main character's shoes as he keeps track of the setting, events, and names of characters in the story by keeping a journal.
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Personal Tall Tales

Turn a real-life hero into a folklore hero. Your child can write a tall tale that makes a Davy Crockett or John Henry out of someone he personally knows.
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The Zoo Stories: Imagining Animals at Night

Here's a fun writing activity that will turn a Saturday trip to the local zoo into an all-out creativity bonanza.
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Drawing Characters

Add some artsy fun to your child's next reading adventure by letting her draw the characters.
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Make a Dr. Seuss Story Box!

In the spirit of Seuss and all things creative and silly, celebrate reading and all that it has to offer with this fun and interactive story box.
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Write a Dear Author Letter

This third grade writing activity brings home the lesson: it's not only what you write that's important, but how you write it, too.
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Play 'I Caught You!' An Early Reading Game

Work on reading fluency with your child. This fun game will even engage her concentration skills without her knowing.
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Fun With Reading

This game turns prediction, a major component of third grade reading, into a fun game.
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