10 Ways to Bring Literacy Home

Got an emerging reader on your hands? Sometimes the best way to promote literacy is to grab a book of your own and join in the fun. Here's how you can get your whole family reading!

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Read Aloud Regularly

Read aloud to and with your child everyday for about 30 minutes. Choose books that capture his interest that he can successfully read alone.

Literacy-Rich Home

Create a print-rich home by stocking up on books, magazines, newspapers, and writing materials. Designate an area in your home for reading and encourage everyone to use it.

Be A Literacy Model

Model literacy by letting your child see you read for work and fun.

Literacy in Home Language

Supply your home with books in your first language and in English. Encourage your child to read at home in whichever language is most comfortable.

Spice Up Reading

Read recipes and ingredient labels together. Make a family cookbook with your child of your favorite recipes.

Dig Into Reading

Deepen reading with your child by asking questions, pointing out vocabulary, exploring character motivations, and relating books to your lives.

Family Storytelling

Tell stories about your family by looking at old vacation photos, discussing memories, mapping family geneology, and taping your spoken stories.

Inspiring Writing

Encourage your child to write and draw by providing materials and writing ideas. Have your child write thank you notes to grandparents, create to do lists, and make a sign for his or her bedroom door.

Home-School Connection

Ask your classroom teacher specific questions about your child's literacy development. Become involved by volunteering in the classroom.

Library Visits

Help your child get his or her own library card and find books he or she likes to read. Participate in family and summer reading programs.

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