Valentine's Day Math for Kindergarteners

Celebrate Valentine's Day by helping your little one practice basic addition and subtraction.

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Valentine's Day Early Subtraction

Try pairing learning with a holiday theme, like this Valentine's Day simple subtraction worksheet!
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Valentine's Day Beginning Subtraction

Practice early subtraction with your child with this cheerful Valentine's Day math printable!
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Valentine's Day Simple Subtraction

Take the fun and color of Valentine's Day and add in this subtraction worksheet for fun simple subtraction learning.
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Beginner Subtraction for Valentine's Day

Bunnies and bonbons make subtraction learning a little more fun whether you're introducing the concept of taking away or looking for more practice for your kid!
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Valentine's Day Addition & Coloring!

This Valentine's Day math printable helps the holiday be learning-friendly for your child with beginning addition.
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Count & Color Valentine's Day Addition

Addition, counting, and number writing practice is wrapped up for Valentine's Day learning with this math worksheet.
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Valentine's Day Simple Addition

Roses are red and this worksheet is helping your child practice beginning addition with you. Count numbers and add them up this Valentine's Day.
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Valentine Addition

Your little one will love practicing basic addition with this Valentine's Day worksheet! She'll do some coloring as she solves each equation.
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