Visual Art Worksheets

These visual art worksheets introduce classic works of art to kids in a fun and engaging way.

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Grid Art

Join math and art by using the grid method, a way of drawing by using grids to accurately copy an existing illustration.
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Gloucester Harbor Coloring Page

This coloring page depicts a famous landscape painting of Gloucester Harbor in Massachusetts. Your child will get a mini lesson in art history as he colors!
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Girl with a Pearl Earring Painting

Give your child a taste of classic art with this famous painting, Girl with a Pearl Earring. As she colors, she'll learn a bit of art history.
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Starry Night by Van Gogh

Color a real masterpiece with this art history coloring page! You and your child can color Starry Night, by Vincent Van Gogh.
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Kids who love to play in the mud can get inspired by Brancusi, a sculptor who shook up the art world with bold shapes and themes.
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Use this art worksheet to learn more about Monet and practice using one of his painting techniques!
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Georgia O'Keeffe

Get up-close and personal with Georgia O'Keeffe in this art history companion worksheet for middle schoolers.
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Francisco Goya

Learn more about the power of art in this worksheet on Spanish painter Francisco Goya.
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