10 Ways to Raise a Reader

A love of reading begins early on in kids, so help nurture a curious reader with these everyday tips.

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1. Make Story Time Mommy Time

Make special time to read aloud to your child. Show that reading is a fun time of relaxation and leisure!

2. Listen and Learn

Include your child in family conversations, and hear what she has to say. Listening to your child and learning about her interests can enhance self-esteem.

3. Encourage Word Play

Explore words by rhyming, finding opposites, and naming synonyms. Play structured games for reading and thinking about words.

4. Read While You Shop

Create a shopping list with your child. Check off items on the list, read labels, and compare prices during the shopping trip.

5. Love the Library

Introduce your child to the library by getting her a library card. Visit the library frequently to become immersed in the wonderful world of books.

6. Read for Information

Encourage your child to read schedules for TV, buses, and trains. Show your child how to look up phone numbers and businesses in the phone book by category and name.

7. Talk About TV and Movies

Connect movies and popular TV shows to books you have read. Discuss books that were made into movies, and read the books for movies you have seen together.

8. Give a Book

Encourage reading and writing with the gifts you give. For birthdays and holidays, give your child magazine subscriptions, books, stationery, pens, blank books, and reading lamps.

9. Create a Reading Role Model

Boost your child's confidence and strengthen reading fluency by having her read to younger siblings.

10. Reward Reading

Discuss your child's reading accomplishments and praise often. Positively reinforcing good reading habits encourages more reading success!

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