Wet and Wild

Is your little one fascinated by water? Here are a few simple experiments and crafts that'll provide a healthy dose of science, but also pack in tons of watery fun. Believe us, these projects are sure to whet your kid's appetite for knowledge.

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Craft an Underwater Viewer!

Help your preschooler practice observing and experimenting with this exciting activity where she'll get to examine objects below the water's surface!
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Have Fun With 'Weird' Water

Help your kindergarten scientist understand the concept of surface tension with this simple science experiment.
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Making Rain

Help your kindergarten science maven explore the water cycle without getting everything wet.
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Create an Ocean in a Bottle

Kids are sure to be entranced by the magic of the ocean when they create their very own ocean in a bottle.
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Germ Science: Why Handwashing Matters

Help children understand the power of germs and the importance of hand washing with this visual activity that introduces the concept of scientific inquiry.
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Make a Water Well!

Here's a simple science activity that will help your child better understand how wells bring us water.
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Make Waves in a Bottle

Can't make it to the beach? Bring the science of ocean waves home with this fun earth science-related craft.
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Balloon Greenhouse

Make your own greenhouse - out of a balloon! Your child will learn how greenhouses work as she plants radish seeds and watches them grow.
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Sink or Float: A Science Experiment

Does a paper clip float? Does a sponge sink? Let your child find out! This experiment is simple science fun.
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