Story Challenge

You know we are all about learning at — and we know that writing is an awesome way for kids to learn about themselves and spark their creativity. As part of our Reading Month celebration, we are excited to launch the 2022 Story Challenge!

From March 4–31, parents can submit their child’s original story up to 5,000 words to using our printable online form. The story can be fiction or nonfiction, really anything — as long as it is an original work from your child.

Up to 10 winners will be chosen from PK-1st, 2-3rd, 4-5th, and 6-8th grade students. Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Creativity - Think outside the box and write something that excites you!
  • Originality - Your writing should be your own ideas and words.
  • Organization - Your writing should follow a logical sequence.
  • Descriptive language - Your writing should include descriptive language and vocabulary about the topic.

Winners will receive one year of Premium membership! (For rules and details, please click here.)

To submit your child’s or student's story, download a parent or teacher Story Submission Form and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Information and Permissions (required)

Please download, read, and complete the Parent/Guardian Consent Form on page 3 of the Story Submission download from above. All forms require a parent or legal guardian’s signature.

Step 2: Write (or illustrate) Your Story

Have your child or student write a story up to 5000 words — or an idea for a story — using our Story Submission Form. Consider having younger children use the form to draw a picture to convey their story.

We also recommend asking older children to outline their idea on a separate piece of paper before submitting their final draft.

Step 3: Submit Your Story

Take a photo of or scan your completed story submission page, along with your signed submission approval form, and email it to [email protected] no later than March 31.

Please be sure the image is high resolution enough so that all writing is legible and all illustrations are clearly visible.

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