Getting to Know Your Child's Skills

Getting to Know Your Students' Skills

At the beginning of the school year, teachers will be evaluating your child's reading level. Use these simple activities to brush up on early reading concepts.
Get to know students' abilities at the beginning of the year with some fun alphabet games, such as sorting letters and items by letter sound.

Finding Books They Love

Getting to Know Your Readers

Give your child a choice of different types of books during reading time. Take note of what they pick, and ask them why they chose the books they did.
Put out bins with different genres of books during reading time. Take note of what students are choosing, and have quick, informal chats with them to see why they chose those books.

All About Me & Writing Names

Letter Practice & Writing Names

Your child will be meeting a lot of new people in the first few weeks of school, so have them practice introducing themselves and writing their name.
Get to know students and their skills and abilities at the beginning of the year by having your class draw self-portraits, write their names, and write facts about themselves. For students who cannot write, have them say their facts aloud.
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