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To make an arithmetic worksheet, select values for the options shown and click the CREATE button. You can just try it with the default values, or play with the values and re-create the worksheet.

If you don't like the problems generated, click the SCRAMBLE button and you'll get a new set of problems with the same inputs.

The options are as follows:

  • Title - a short title to place at the top of the worksheet
  • Number of digits - how many digits to use in the numbers in the subtraction problems (See "advanced options" below)
  • Positive answers only - if checked, only problems with positive answers will be created
  • Regrouping - whether or not to allow regrouping (i.e. "borrows") in the generated problems
  • Orientation - whether each problem should be laid out horizontally or vertically
  • Number of problems - the number of problems to put onto each page
  • Display problem numbers - whether or not to show problem numbers (1, 2, etc.) on the worksheet

Advanced Options

Some options have advanced features, as described here:

  • Number of digits - allows you to explicitly set the range of values to be used for the first number and the second number in the subtraction problems
  • Regrouping - allows you to explicitly state if regrouping occurs in the generated problems digit by digit

advanced options
( min: max: )
( min: max: )
simple options
advanced options
1s column 10s column
simple options

Select Subtraction Theme

autumn leaves
beep beep
bunny with eggs
cozy winter
cute crawlies
dino friends
easter egg hunt
hot cocoa
leprechaun and gold
mr. snowman
outer space
puppy love
rainbow and clover
spider and cat
spring birds
spring flowers
squirrel and snowflakes
under the sea
valentine's day
water balloons
water slide

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