5th Grade Reading Worksheet

Novel Study: Esperanza Rising: Different Point of View

Novel Study: Esperanza Rising: Different Point of View

After reading Esperanza Rising, get students thinking about the differences between third-person and first-person point of view with this creative extension activity! Fifth- and sixth-grade learners will choose a scene from the novel to rewrite from a first-person point of view. Students are provided with a brief review of the key differences between first- and third-person narration, including differences in pronouns and perspective. Then, learners will choose one scene from the novel to rewrite in first-person point of view, jotting down their notes and ideas. Students will then use the second page to write their reimagined scene from the first-person point of view, including inner thoughts and feelings of their chosen narrator. Click "View answers" for a helpful grading rubric to assess students' writing. For more novel-specific resources, check out the full set of worksheets related to Esperanza Rising.

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