Make a Mother's Day Crown Activity

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Updated on May 28, 2013

Is the Mama in your family one of the hardest working ladies you know? Mother's Day is a perfect time to shower Mom with french toast and flowers, but you can also make Mom feel special without spending tons of money. Make Mom feel like royalty by making her a fabulous, felt Queen For A Day crown.

These easy-to-make crowns are a perfect celebratory accessory for Mothers' Day, but they’re also great for birthdays and other special holidays. Using felt, fabric glue and fabric markers makes them easy for even little kids to help make.

What You Need:

  • Felt (Check hobby stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, where you can pick up five sheets for $1)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Fabric markers

What You Do:

  1. Start by cutting out a flat crown shape from a sheet of felt. (You can keep it simple with zigzags or cut curved shapes, whatever you like.) Depending on the size of Mom's head, you might need two or three of these shapes — you can measure the circumference of Mom's head with a tape measure or piece of string to be sure. Use the first cutout as a pattern for the other ones.
  2. Using fabric glue, attach the pieces of the crown together so that they form an open circle. (The edges will overlap.) Let the crown dry.
  3. While it’s drying, let your kids cut out decorations for the crown from other pieces of felt. Let their imaginations guide them, but they can cut out simple shapes, like diamonds, stars, hearts, or circles and triangles, or other shapes. They can also make things that remind them of Mom - like her favorite pink sweater or the cup of coffee that she can't live without - or include some of Mom's favorite colors or animals. They can also use fabric markers to write on the felt trimmings or on the crown directly. (Perhaps teach them to spell “Best Mom Ever?”)
  4. Use pins to lay out the arrangement of your decoration and design. Once you’ve hit on a look you love, use fabric glue to attach the decorations to the crown.
  5. Give to Mom and watch her wear with pride.