Make a Thanksgiving Cornucopia Activity

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Updated on Jul 16, 2014

The cornucopia is a traditional Thanksgiving decoration, but why? This Thanksgiving, make your own "horn of plenty" with your child and teach him about the first Thanksgiving, the Fall harvest, and why we eat so much on Turkey Day.

First, your child will practice reading as you share a Thanksgiving book with him. After this little history lesson, give him a silly quiz about the cornucopia's contents before the two of you start filling your own!

What You Need:

  • Thanksgiving book such as Today Is Thanksgiving, a board book by P.K. Hallinan
  • Cornucopia-shaped basket
  • Fall fruits and vegetables

What You Do:

  1. Read a favorite Thanksgiving book to your child. Show pictures of the Pilgrims’ food.
  2. Show your child the cornucopia basket. Explain that some people decorate their homes for Thanksgiving with this. It represents harvest time, when there’s plenty of food. Can he think of some other Thanksgiving traditions that involve food?
  3. Now give your child an silly oral quiz about the kinds of food to be found in a cornucopia. For each correct answer, you may give a point or a candy corn, or some small reward.
    1. Would you find a little pumpkin in the cornucopia? (yes)
    2. Would you find a chocolate cake in the cornucopia? (no)
    3. Would you find an ear of corn in the cornucopia? (yes)
    4. Would you find squash in the cornucopia? (yes)
    5. Would you find lollipops in the cornucopia? (no)
  4. Finally, have your child help you fill the cornucopia with fruits and vegetables to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. You may want to go to the grocery store together and have your child point out Thanksgiving foods to fill the horn of plenty.

When the cornucopia is full, put it on the table to enjoy at Thanksgiving!

Tina Cho has been an elementary teacher for 11 years, mainly in the kindergarten classroom. She is currently a freelance writer.