Egg Carton Goggles Activity

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Updated on Jan 17, 2014

Look out, Lone Ranger, another masked adventurer is coming your way! Or move over Madame Curie, there's a new scientist in town with goggles in tow!

Kids can ply their budding creativity and vivid imaginations in this cute and clever craft activity. The best part? You can make it using recycled materials from around the house. This is a great creative art project for preschoolers, and with all the cutting, painting, and coloring, it's great for developing those fine motor skills, too.

What You Need:

  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Paint, markers, stickers, or other art supplies
  • Ribbon or string

What You Do:

  1. Begin by removing the lid from the egg carton, then cutting two wells from the end. The two wells will form the goggles or mask. Set aside the rest of the egg carton for another project (or more masks!).
  2. Trim any excess cardboard from the sides of the wells.
  3. Carefully poke a hole through each well with the pen, then cut out the bottoms of the wells. These will be the eye holes.
  4. Ask your child to decorate his mask or goggles using paint, markers, stickers, and other art supplies.
  5. When he's finished decorating, carefully poke holes on either side and tie a length of ribbon to each side.
  6. Now your science goggles or lone ranger mask is done! Have your child hold it to his face, then tie the ribbons together to secure.

You can make several pairs of these props from one egg carton, so why not make more? Try making a few based on some of his favorite literary or fairytale characters. Or throw a science birthday party and give each guest a pair of goggles before experiment time.

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