Glass Bottle Vases Activity

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Updated on Sep 21, 2012

If your kid loves to redecorate and express herself through design, she'll love this crafty activity. Add a spring touch to her room by helping her craft a vase to match her decor. You can easily repurpose an old glass bottle into a cute vase using a few pieces of felt and a little imagination.

What You Need:

  • Glass bottle, washed and labels removed
  • Adhesive-backed felt sheets
  • Scissors
  • Long stemmed flower
  • Marbles, small stones, or beads (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Let your child cut out several shapes in different sizes from the felt sheets. Feel free to play around with the design, but for a simple, easy design, focus on making a lot of just one simple shape, such as a circle or triangle.
  2. Have her peel off the paper backs from her foam shapes and stick them firmly on the vase in any pattern she likes.
  3. Now fill the glass half way with marbles, small stones, or beads, if using.
  4. Place the flower in the vase.

You're finished! Let her use her vase to decorate a bare shelf or corner of her room.

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