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Make thinking about college fun by working with your teen to design and plan a Road to College board game.
High School
Study Skills
Meant to be fun and inspiring, Oulipo N+7 challenges writers to create new writing, use language and enriches vocabulary, spelling and critical thinking.
High School
Invite your high schooler to author a letter to his future self about his goals and perspective on life, and then give it to him to review at graduation!
High School
Creative Writing
For Filipino families, parols (stars) are the ultimate holiday decorations! Here's how to make your own.
High School
Paper & Glue Crafts
Here's a game to help ensure that your teenager hits the important aspects of analyzing a piece of literature. A good grade is in the cards!
High School
Literary Analysis
The SAT likes to replace numbers with letters. Here's a game that will show your teen that cracking the code is a lot easier than it looks.
High School
Algebra & Functions
Build an electroscope, a simple device that measures static electricity, or the freely flowing electrical charges of the atmosphere!
High School
Physical Science
Struggling to memorize all those SAT words? How about challenging Mom or Dad to a crossword puzzle duel?
High School
Here's how teens can produce an audio guide of an exhibit, field trip, or ballgame, confess their thoughts in an audio diary or record a letter to a friend.
High School
Creative Writing
Show your high school-aged child an offbeat way to let her friends know their future includes a party: fortune cookie cards!
High School
Fabric Projects
Play Exquisite Corpse with your high schooler to give her a taste of French Surrealism while working collaboratively to create unique and funky pieces of art!
High School
Painting & Drawing
Here's a fun activity to help your teen practice perimeter and area - with brownies! Here's how:
High School
Need some SAT Essay Tips? Check out these ABCs (and DEFs) of acing the SAT essay.
High School

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