Science and Holidays & Seasons Activities for Kids

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This adventurous art project will send kids on a scavenger hunt for fall materials they can use in their artwork. This craft also teaches kids about seasons.
Weather & Seasons
All you need is chalk and pavement to set up this silly, fun, and practical game that reinforces those all-important first grade sight words.
First Grade
This project can help prepare your child for a trip to the tide pools, or give him a way to remember some of the many creatures he saw during his visit.
Plants, Animals & the Earth
Second Grade
Combine science with reading and art to help your first grader create an attractive holiday gift for a beloved friend or relative.
Life Science
First Grade
Your preschooler can learn how to siphon water with only two bottles and a plastic tube in this fun, educational science activity.
Simple Experiments
Combat summer boredom with this easy and fun game. Race against each other to see who can fill their bucket the fastest using leaky cups!
Fourth Grade
Preschoolers are fascinated by how colors can be mixed to form new ones. This activity combines color mixing with the concept of melting for extra science fun.
Calaveras means 'skulls' in Spanish, and in Mexico, skulls are brightly decorated to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.
First Grade
This fun, think-outside-the-box activity lets kids learn about gravity and basic scientific concepts.
Simple Experiments
These paper pumpkins will make lovely, festive centerpieces in your home this fall.
Here's a fun activity to reinforce the physics concept of stored energy for your middle schooler.
Physical Science
Middle School
Your fifth grader can make your own fossils at home with a little modeling clay and glue.
Earth & Space Science
Fifth Grade
Enjoy the warm spring weather outside and indulge in a colorful game of I Spy while you're at it! It's just as fun as classic I Spy but twice as educational.
Practice math and social studies skills with this fun game based on the Battle of Lexington and Concord.
July 4th/Independence Day
Fifth Grade
Forget mass-produced, store bought holiday ornaments. Your fifth grader can usher in the holidays by making his own homemade marbled Christmas balls!
Fifth Grade

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