Summer Fun

Summer Fun

Summertime spells family fun, outdoor adventures, and lots of time for play and exploration. Get your summer going with these great activity ideas, games, and printables, perfect for a lazy summer day.

Summer Activities

Spring Collage

If your child has a hankering for an art project that's a perfect accompaniment to sunny skies, this spring collage is just right.

Lemonade Stand

Stir some fun into summer with this lemonade stand! Your child will practice math and money skills, and donate some hard-earned money to charity.

Seascape Art

Help your child celebrate summer with this sandy seascape. She'll learn new art techniques, and create a beautiful work of art that brings the beach home.

Summer Reading Project

Your kid's favorite book is being made into a movie, and she's the chosen designer. Help her create a movie poster to entice viewers--and bring her reading to life!

Summer Compass

Getting distance and direction across to fourth graders sure can be tricky! Get your child to practice this skill all summer long with her own summer fun compass.

Chalk Caddy

Finally, there's a solution to carrying sidewalk chalk in your hands, or in a flimsy paper box. Here's how to get your child started making her own sidewalk chalk caddy.

Summer Games

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

A fun twist on the classic game. Use chalk to create an outdoor tic-tac-toe board, and play using colorfully painted rocks in place of X's and O's.

Fill Your Bucket

Combat boredom with this easy, fun competition. Using only a few cups poked with holes and buckets of water, your child will have a blast--and stay active!

Make Your Own Badminton Set

Your kid can make his very own badminton set--out of some old pantyhose! He'll delight in his crafty independence, and you'll love saving money.

Play Water Freeze Tag

If you don't have a pool for your child and her friends to play in, this twist on the game of freeze tag is a fun summer substitute.

Elbow Tag

Kids will love this more challenging version of tag where they'll have to run while "attached" to someone else.

Chain Tag

At your next pool party, gather a large group of friends to play a fun game of Chain Tag. The more players you have, the more fun the game becomes!

Summer Printables

Printable Paper Dolls to Color!

This three page printable includes three paper dolls and six super summer outfits for them to make a splash in!

Lake Fun!

Are summer days some of your kid's favorite days of the year? This worksheet is all about counting.

What Do You Wear in the Summer?

Kids completing this preschool science worksheet circle the appropriate clothes for the weather: shorts, bathing suits, and flip-flops, not mittens and scarves!

Beach Day Picture Puzzle

What's the best way to put together some summer fun? In this worksheet your child will put together a picture puzzle of a summer beach scene.

Addition Facts Worksheet: Beach Fun

Take this worksheet with you on your next picnic or beach outing and help your child make the most of his summer vacation.

Suddenly Summer: Learning About the Seasons

This worksheet asks your kindergartener to circle all the articles of clothing that are best for warm weather.