Science Worksheets and Printables

The sciences teach us everything we need and want to know about our world and how we interact with it. From components as small as elements to entities as large as planets, there are sure to be worksheets here to fit your individual student's interests. Help your child hone their knowledge into written reports using our writing worksheets as well!

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Tips for Teaching Science

A love of science can open up a world of possibilities for young learners. You can encourage an understanding of, and passion for, all branches of science at home. The resources above cover the key science subjects that your child will learn in school, from simple experiments to Earth and space science worksheets. Find out which areas of science your child enjoys most, and which might be more challenging. Be sure to select a mixture of both when downloading and printing. Here are some other ideas for instilling in your child a love of science.
  • When studying biology topics that require memorization, such as habitats, landforms, or anatomy, encourage children to make flashcards or a homemade game of Go Fish. To make the game, write the word and its definition on an index card, for example: "Peninsula - A body of land surrounded by water on three sides". On a separate index card draw a peninsula. Then, play Go Fish with your cards and some friends!
  • For younger students learning about the difference between living and nonliving things, peruse a magazine with your child. Point to objects in the magazine and challenge your child to determine if they are "alive", "once alive" or "never alive".
  • Consider subscribing to a science education magazine, such as National Geographic Kids, to inspire more science learning at home.
  • Science is best learned through hands-on experience. Make sure to check out the local science museums and wildlife centers in your area to bring science to life.

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