Where Do I Live? An Animal Habitat Game

What You Need:

  • Blank index cards
  • Markers
  • 4 pieces of paper
  • Tape
  • Room with four corners


What You Do:

  1. Write a habitat (Ocean, Pond, Forest or Desert) on each of the four pieces of paper. Tape each of the habitat names in one of the four corners of the room.
  2. On each index card write the following names of animals that live in that habitat. If your child is not yet reading, you can either find pictures for the animals or you can help them read the animal names during the game.

    Ocean – Salt Water Fish, Whale, Dolphin, Stingray, Jellyfish, Stingray

    Desert – Camel, Meerkat, Diamondback, Rattlesnake

    Pond - Frog, Alligator, Fresh Water Fish, Turtle, Duck

    Forest – Bear, Deer, Eagle, Squirrel, Rabbit

  3. Put the cards in a stack and have each player draw a card. One at a time, players pretend to be the animal on the card while walking to the sign for the animal’s habitat. The player should move like the animal and make the animal sounds. The sillier the better!
  4. When all of the “animals” are in their correct habitat, have everyone come back to the middle and draw another card. Keep playing the game until all the cards have been used.

After the game is over, be sure to save the cards so that you can play the game on another day. You can also use the cards to practice animal vocabulary with your child some other time.

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