Storytime! 8 Activities for Creative Kindergarteners

Anytime kids are talking or listening, they're learning ... true story! Use these fun-filled activities to get your child exercising her creativity, verbal skills and reading comprehension.

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Practice Story-Telling with Fairy Tale Dice

Create Fairy Tale Dice and inspire your kindergartener to weave fantastic fairy tales and improve his reading and writing skills while he's at it.
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Tell an Edible Story

Use your cookie cutters with jello to have the kids create a story with the shapes they choose.
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Jumble Story!

Go on a storytelling adventure using your kindergartenerâs five favorite picture books.
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Craft Story Sequence Cards

In this activity, help your kindergartener develop sequencing skills with these easy story sequence cards
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Sequence Those Sentences, A Story Game

Help your kindergartener develop his sequencing skills in this activity that teaches him about a story's beginning, middle, and end.
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Time Book About the Day

Get your child thinking about time with this art project, where you'll create a fun book on his daily routine.
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Be Librarian for a Day!

In this tons-of-fun reading activity, your child plans a storytime, makes a flyer, creates a coloring sheet, and hosts her own storytime.
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Where Do I Live? An Animal Habitat Game

Check out this silly game that will put your kid's animal habitat knowledge (and acting skills) to the test.
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