Do Some School Calendar Math

What You Need:

  • Your school’s year-long calendar
  • Regular, general 12-month calendar
  • Pencil
  • School Calendar Worksheet (download ours here)
  • Calculator (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Take out your school’s calendar, and set it side by side with a general 12-month calendar. You’ll be working most heavily with the school calendar, but you will also want to have your 12-month calendar handy for reference.
  2. Start with a quick “eyeball” look: When does school start for the year? In what month does it end? How long is the holiday break? (Parents, this is also a terrific time to share stories of what the school year was like when YOU were growing up!)
  3. Now pull out your School Calendar Worksheet, and see what your child can do! She'll start with simple calculations first, and then build up to more challenges.
  4. The first levels require math skills that kids generally work on in first and second grades; the extra challenge at the end moves up into third or fourth grade math standards. Make sure you explain this to your child as she works—and if she struggles with any section, don’t hesitate to help out.

This worksheet offers a great chance for you to see what math your child can do easily, and what problems may require a little help. And no matter what, your whole family will benefit from the security of knowing exactly what's coming up in the year ahead!

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