Jewish Holiday Calendar

What You Need:

  • Internet
  • Copier machine access
  • Six 11” x 17“ sheets of white paper
  • Pencils, pens, markers
  • Ruler
  • Stapler

What You Do:

  1. Have your child make a calendar grid on the bottom half of one sheet of 11” x 17” paper. They can use a ruler and pencil to make 31 calendar day boxes across seven columns for the days of the week, like a regular calendar.  They may write initials for the day names, Sunday through Saturday, at the top of each column, but they should leave the month name and day numbers blank.
  2. Using a copier or a combination scanner and printer, make five copies of your child’s calendar page on other 11” x 17” sheets of white paper. Fold the tops down over the calendar grids. Put the whole packet (all six pages) together and staple at the top.
  3. Let your child decorate the cover with the title “Jewish Calendar” and art of their choice. They can put the year on the cover too. (A Jewish year starts in September!)
  4. When they open to the first blank top page, they can write “September” and decorate that page with art. Explain that the Jewish holiday “Rosh Hashanah,” which means “head of the year,” is celebrated in September. 
  5. They can now put day numbers (1st through 30th) for September into her calendar to correspond to September for the year she is working on.
  6. They may want to use the Internet to research the dates of Jewish holidays for the upcoming year and indicate those dates in her calendar boxes. 
  7. Discovering a Jewish holiday for each month could give inspiration for your child's drawings above each month.  For example, they could do a Hanukkah drawing for the December page. 
  8. Use the calendar all year!

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