Create an Autumn Tree of Resolutions

What You Need:

  • Poster board or large sheet of paper (11” x 17” or larger)
  • Thick brown marker or crayon
  • Construction (or other) paper of fall colors (orange, brown, yellow, red, etc.)
  • Scissors, tape, pen/pencil

What You Do:

  1. On the poster board or large sheet of paper, have your child draw a large tree trunk and its bare branches with a brown marker or crayon. (Make sure to spread the branches in all directions, all across the poster board or sheet of paper, as you'll eventually tape lots of paper leaves on them.)
  2. Help your child draw the outlines of leaves on pieces of different colored construction paper. They can be the same shape, or they can be different shapes. You might even want to take a walk outside with your child to look at some of the fall leaves to get some inspiration.
  3. Have your child create between 20 to 40 leaves or as many as your child can fit onto the tree’s branches. Add “veins” or any other details your child might like on each leaf. Then have your child cut all of the leaves out!
  4. Use a bit of tape (double-sided works well) to attach all of the leaves onto the branches to create a full, vibrant tree.
  5. Hang your fall resolution tree in a place of prominence in your home for the whole family to see. Anyone can contribute a resolution or wish of their own.
  6. Get the whole family involved! If someone wants to jot down any thoughts of the day or would like to make a note of a wish, need, or resolution for the fall, they can gently pull off a leaf from the tree, scribble down their wish, want, or pledge, and then place this fallen leaf into a bowl designated to hold the all the resolution leaves until winter (or the end of the school year maybe).
  7. Help your child write their wishes and resolutions as necessary.
  8. When all the leaves have “fallen” into the bowl, set aside an evening to sift through and read through the fall foliage. Share simple thoughts out loud, and discuss any wishes and needs you might have with one another.

Try this activity over the course of autumn as an exercise for family members to share feelings, worries, and desires. The point isn’t simply to accomplish goals or get needs met, but rather to practice expressing what’s on your mind!

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