Autumn Cinquain

What You Need: 

  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil

What You Do:

  1. Have your young learner start by brainstorming autumn words. Possibilities include: acorns, apples, colorful, fallen, harvest, leaves, migration, pumpkins, rake, ripe, scarecrow, season, Thanksgiving, and turkey.
  2. Take a look at their created word list. Do the words group into one or two themes? Maybe your child has a lot of words about apple picking or going to the pumpkin patch. Your child might have focused on raking leaves or football. When your child has picked out a theme, it is time to write. 
  3. Have your child start with a two-syllable word or two one-syllable words that set the tone for the poem. If your child has chosen the word apples, the first line might be “bright red.” Or maybe your child is writing about a hayride but wants to pick a word that’s a little surprising, a word that doesn’t seem like the first choice for autumn – “tractor.” Work through the poem line by line using this syllable count:

    Line 1: 2 syllables

    Line 2: 4 syllables

    Line 3: 6 syllables

    Line 4: 8 syllables

    Line 5: 2 syllables

  4. When your child a rough draft of the poem, read it aloud, clapping out the syllables. Are all of the counts correct? No cheating! If a count is wrong, come up with a new word combination that works. Does this poem paint a strong sensory picture? If not, make some changes. Remember that a big part of writing is rewriting. The people who write the books that your children read rewrite them many times until every word is just right.

When the poem is finished, write it out and decorate it to display for the whole family to enjoy.

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