Count Up to a One Dollar Word

What You Need:

  • One or more players
  • Pen and paper for each player
  • Letter code (download here)

What You Do:

  1. Download the letter code. Print out one copy for each player. In the code, every letter in the alphabet is given a decimal number value, with all vowels sharing the value of a nickel (.05).
  2. Let the counting begin! Have everyone gather around a table, pen, paper, and letter code in hand. Let everyone work individually, or divide into teams if you have a lot of players.
  3. Challenge the players to make a word that adds up to exactly $1.00. Words can be any length, but they must add up to exactly $1.00.
  4. Once all players have made a $1.00 word, have everyone stop and share their words with each other.
  5. Once everyone is finished sharing, start a second round. This time, challenge everyone to create as many $1.00 words as they can!

Try varying the rules for fun. Instead of making a one dollar word, can you make a 50-cent word? How about a 75-cent word?

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