8 Awesome Money Games

Help teach your third grader about money and improve her math skills with these fun activities!

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Money Skills for Kids

Teach your third grader about the concepts money and purchasing with this "Mock Card Shop" activity.
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Dollar Games: Race to $1.00

Help your child improve his coin counting skills in these two math games that have him race to reach $1.00.
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Count Up to a One Dollar Word

Celebrate the 100th day of school by counting and spelling your way to a "$1.00" word in this 3rd grade math and reading game.
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Design and Create Your Own Family 'Money'

With this fun craft activity, your child can design and "make" his own money, for use as currency and math practice at home.
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Coin Riddles: What's in Your Wallet?

Here's a math activity that uses coin riddles to help your third-grader improve his coin-counting and logical thinking skills.
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Comparing Prices

Help your child apply his math skills the next time you cook a family meal similar to one you'd buy at a restaurant.
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Shop Around for Better Math Skills

You can try this simple activity with your third grader to get him thinking about the real world math you use everyday.
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Math Treasure Hunt

Here's a brain-challenging treasure hunt for your third grader, calling upon math skills with money and with decimals!
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