Pinball Machine Game

What You Need:

  • Group of children
  • Open area
  • Soft, spongy ball

What You Do:

  1. This isn’t just a game of dodgeball. This is a game of human pinball so one player is the target or Jackpot. The object of the game is to hit the target with the ball. The target can move freely around the area of play to avoid being hit.
  2. The other players are the flippers, the parts of the pinball game that hit the ball and keep it moving around the play area. They are trying to roll the ball into the target so that one of them can win and take his place.
  3. Have the target stand in the center of the area of play, the area in which the game will take place.
  4. Seat the flippers around the target in a circle. They need to sit, legs spread with their feet touching or very close to touching. Have them rest their elbows on their legs or on the floor. They will pivot their arms on their elbows and slap the ball toward the target.
  5. Once everyone is in position, count to three and roll the ball into play. Flippers may hit the ball with their hands or their arms. The balls must stay on the floor. The target will step and jump out of the way, but is not allowed to kick the ball.
  6. The first flipper to roll the ball into the target is the winner and gets to take a turn in the center of the area of play.

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