Play Tip It!

What You Need:

  • Coin
  • Table
  • At least four kids
  • Scorekeeper

What You Do:

  1. Divide players into two equal teams. One team sits at one side of the table and the other will sit at the opposite side, so they are facing each other.
  2. Pick one team to be the hiding team (the team that hides the coin) and one team to be the shooting team (the team that finds the coin). Each team will pick a team captain.
  3. Hand over the coin to the captain of the hiding team. The hiding team members will all put their hands underneath the table and pass the coin back and fourth discreetly between players. This confuses the other team about who is holding the coin.
  4. After passing it back and forth for awhile, the shooting team will call out, "Tip it!" All players on the hiding team must form their hands into fists, and the last person holding the coin must hold the coin in her fist.
  5. All hiding team players bring their fists above the table. Encourage the hiding team to lasso their acting skills by making guilty faces, sneaky faces, or poker faces to trick the other team about who is hiding the coin!
  6. Then the shooting team calls out, "Down!" All hiding players must slam their hands down flat on the table at the same time and keep them there. The players try to disguise the sound the coin makes when it hits the table by making loud noises; shouting isn't allowed but teammates can stomp feet or bang against the table to hide the sound of the coin.
  7. Then the shooting team captain deliberates with the rest of her teammates, and together they must decide which hand covers the coin.
  8. The shooting team captain chooses one hand at a time, touching the back of the person's hand lightly so they lift it and see if the coin is underneath. For every wrong hand chosen, the hiding team gets one point but if she chooses the correct hand on her first attempt, the shooting team gets a bonus of five points.
  9. Once the coin is found, the teams switch roles and play again. Play for up to twenty five points! This game is all about the art of bluffing and makes for great entertainment at a birthday or sleepover.

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