Wet Clothes Relay

What You Need:

  • Old clothes
  • Big bucket
  • Bathing Suits
  • 4 or more kids

What You Do:

  1. Go through old clothes lying around the house. You can use things like shirts, pants, shorts, socks, hats, gloves--any and all kinds of clothing works! Have the children wear their bathing suits.
  2. Fill a bucket with water and invite your child to put all of the clothes in it. Encourage them to get the clothes throughly wet. 
  3. Divide players into teams. Team sizes depend on the number of pieces of clothing and how many people total are playing.
  4. Have the players line up on the starting line. On the referee's signal, one player from each team runs to the bucket filled with wet clothes and tries to put on one piece of clothing over their bathing suit as quickly as possible.
  5. After that player has put on a piece of clothing, she runs back to the starting line and the next player from her team goes, until each player has had a turn.
  6. Whichever team is the fastest at getting dressed (and soaked) is the winner! This game can also be played with individual players. If there are three players, use three separate buckets with at least three articles of clothing in each. The player who puts on all three items and runs back to the starting line first is the winner! A wet clothes relay is a fun way to spend a summer afternoon and makes a great party game, too.

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