Play Animal Exercises

What You Need:

  • 1 CD of lively kids’ music
  • CD player
  • At least 3 players

What You Do:

This is a very silly and simple game. It’s sort of a cross between “Simon Says” and “Musical Chairs”. The rules are simple.

  1. When the music starts, the kids will walk around the room, listening for your directions.
  2. When you call out an animal exercise, such as “Hop like a rabbit!” all the kids need to follow your direction.
  3. Each time they hear another direction, they switch their motion.
  4. Play continues until the music stops, at which point all kids need to freeze in position. If you catch them moving, they’re “out”.
  5. The last kid standing wins the game.

Here are some suggested directions to use:

  • Run like a tiger
  • Skip like a kangaroo
  • Hop like a rabbit
  • Jump like a frog
  • Toss like a monkey (when inside, use something soft for this, like a small pillow)
  • Stretch like a giraffe

This is a great way to help your little animal get some exercise while practicing his gross motor skills!

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