Play Animal Musical Chairs

What You Need:

  • Kids/players (adults can get in on this, too)
  • Enough chairs for every player
  • Music and a player – fun, upbeat music works best
  • A "DJ" to stop and start the music

What You Do:

  1. Count how many players you will have. Round up enough chairs for every participant...minus one.
  2. Arrange the chairs in a circle.
  3. Have your gang play the first round of musical chairs the traditional way -- The DJ will turn on the music and have the players walk in a circle around the chairs. When the music stops, each player must find a seat and sit down in it -- but since you only have enough for all except one, there will be one kid left standing. He is "it".
  4. Ask the player who is “it" what his favorite animal is. Then ask him what kind of sounds the animal makes, or how the animal moves.
  5. Explain to the kids that the remaining players must rotate around the circle of chairs imitating the animal "it" has chosen -- for instance, if “it” says his favorite animal is a dog, have players crawl on their hands and knees around the chairs while barking. If he says horse, have them gallop; snake, wiggle on their belly, etc. The sillier the better!
  6. Remove one chair from the circle after each round so that there is always an “it” to choose the next animal. The last kid standing is the winner!

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