Around the House

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What You Need:

  • Pair of dice
  • White paper for game board, one piece per player
  • Black marker
  • 1 game piece per player (beans, coins, foam shape, etc.)

What You Do:

  1. Encourage players to come up with a list of their favorite locations around their homes. Let them pick whatever places they want.
  2. Have the players draw the locations in a large oval shape on their piece of paper, then connect the locations with lines to create the game board (see picture). Make sure to feature a house as one of the drawings; this will be the starting point.
  3. Ask the players to number each location on the map from 2 to 12, writing the number next to the drawing. The numbers don't have to be in numerical order.
  4. Have everyone begin by placing their game pieces on the house.
  5. Start moving around the house by having the first player roll the dice.
  6. Have him add the two numbers he rolled to find the sum.
  7. If the sum a player rolls is the same as the number of the next location, he can move his game piece to the next area. If he rolls a different sum, he must remain where he is.
  8. Whoever goes all the way around the house (game board) first wins!

Helpful Tip: For older players, use multiplication. The highest number you use should be 36.

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