All About Addition: 8 First Grade Math Activities

When your kid is in first grade, there's no such thing as too much addition. Keep your child learning (and happy) as you play these cool math games.

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Shake 'em Up

Shake those dice and try to roll big numbers in this first grade math game. Practice addition in a new, fun way!
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Around the School Yard

Use this fun math board game to improve your first grader's confidence with addition facts.
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Dice Addition!

Your first grader will love this addition challenge! Roll dice and keep a running total as you try to achieve the highest score.
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Play Ice Cream Addition!

Help your first grader, second grader, or third grader boost his addition skills and math vocabulary with this fun summer game Ice Cream Addition!
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Save the Ducklings

Play this fun game with your kindergarten or first grader. It's a great way to practice important math skills, including counting and addition.
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Cover Up

First graders will love practicing addition with this fun math game.
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Play Egg Carton Addition

Using just an egg carton and some beans or pennies, you can play this game with your first grader and see real gains in core math skills.
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Sandbox Math Facts

First graders are learning basic addition and subtraction math facts. Practice in the sandbox with this fun outdoor math activity!
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